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織物は糸と糸の交差のなす軌跡 その奇跡を預かるものである。



霊衣は、私の生涯をかけた問いであると同時にGembeyX は、その答えを作り続けるプロジェクトである。

十代目 山口源兵衛


Tamaginu (Spirit Clothing)

Cloth is spirit.

“Is there any value in creating a piece of fabric with no soul?”

My answer is no.

Along with some of the best artisans in Japan, I have devoted my life, and furious effort, to creating obi with life and spirit.

The word kiseki  in Japanese means a track, in this case the tracks left by two threads crossing one another in a woven fabric. It also can mean a marvel, a gift from heaven.

A thread is likewise a gift from heaven, nourished by Mother Earth, spun lovingly by hand. A piece of fabric is a cloud of delicate threads, coming together like a congregation of angels.

“Can we envelop an entire life in a single piece of cloth?”

This is the question I have pondered throughout my lifetime.

GembeyX is the project that provides the answer.

Kondaya Gembey
Yamaguchi GembeyX